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We have been hearing from friends and colleagues for years about the building spree in Shanghai but, once again, you have to experience it to fully (or even partially) understand the extent of it. From the airport, you go past miles of apartment complexes and the occasional skyscraper, all of which are not confined to the center of the city. The architecture is varied and almost invariably very interesting. While much of the city is looking up, Shanghai Conservatory is in an area of low-lying buildings and tree-lined streets, reminding me very much of the cities of Provence in the south of France.

The young pianists we heard came both from the Shanghai Normal University, our hosts, and the Shanghai Conservatory. They were well prepared and excellent. In addition, the university provided for each one of us a young English student as our own personal interpreter. They even provided one for my partner, Greg, when he arrived from the States. It was a welcome touch, one we appreciated very much. And the final banquet was, once again, an unforgettable experience (less shellfish this time!).

Opening Ceremony
Night Scenes
First Master Class
Recital at Shanghai Conservatory
Second Master Class
People Square
Shanghai Museum
Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower
Yu Yuan and Old Shanghai
Final Banquet in Shanghai
Leaving Shanghai

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