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Every year, Fernando Laires and Nelita True of the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY, invite a few of their colleagues to come with them to China. In addition to yours truly, this year's tour included the violinist Felicia Moye and the pianist Joseph Banowetz. Felicia teaches at the University of Wisconsin and Joe teaches at the University of North Texas. Our group was originally meant to be larger, but three of the musicians had trouble getting their visas - our leader, Fernando, and my two colleagues in Germany, the pianist Oresta Cybriwsky and the singer Lynda Kemeny - and all three had to bow out at the last minute. It was wonderful to see Nelita again after many years (we had served together on the Gina Bachauer Jury in the 90s). She is enormous fun and a fabulous teacher. She is also a wonderful pianist, and she and Felicia gave two memorable duo-recitals. Joe Banowetz is also an excellent pianist, a well-known pedagogue and author of, among others, 'The Pianist's Guide to Pedaling', which has been translated into numerous languages and is about to have its second printing over in China. Altogether, it was a great group, and we had a lot of fun when we weren't practicing, performing or teaching.


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